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The three day website is designed for service based businesses looking for a website focused on generating more customer leads and ultimately sales. 

The 3 day website means we'll have a completed website for you in three days from when we start building the site. If you would like additional SEO, Blog, or standard pages above the base 3 day website package, it could add additional time. Long story short we provide fast and effective website solutions for service based businesses. 

Please see our pricing section 

First place a deposit amount of 250.00 dollars. This secures your spot in line. We then build the website. Upon completion the remaining 700.00 dollars (total cost 950.00$) is paid. Once the total website cost is paid you are then set up on a monthly billing cycle of 59.00 dollars.

We offer a 50% refund if you contact us within 14 days of website completion. The 50% that we keep helps cover some of the cost we incur while building your website. 

The monthly fee covers website domain, website hosting, and Mekal Web's website support. Your website domain is the URL address of your site. Example: mekalwebs.com. You must pay a recurring fee to keep your domain. Website hosting is where your website files are stored. It can be thought of as rent space for your website.

Yes please see our previous customers

Of course! Your website is yours. You're free to come and go as you wish. If you'd like to move your website elsewhere simply contact us. *note: Any overdue balances must be paid prior to release.

Use the contact us form to let us know what your thinking or email us at office@mekalwebs.com

Simply contact us and we'll work with you or your next web manager to get the site moved.